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Here is a small collection of images that truly have made a strong impression with us in the year 2014.

We know we have missed some photos that certainly should be included here. Apologies.

We hope you enjoy this journal and we encourage you to pay a visit to these amazing photographers!

:icondjailledie: "Morning" by djailledie

PM: A mystical photo; mysterious and at the same time simply... beautiful!

:iconelerko: "**" by Mirko Arganese

PM: Clever selfie! But really, so much more!!! Classic car, classic beautiful smile! A winner for sure!

:iconlightdrafter: "Car Boot Sale" by Jan Rockar

PM: One of my very favorites... What in the world is going on??? Technically perfect, composition is spot on, and content is absolutely brilliant!!! As of late, Jan has accumulated a nice collection of architectural images of his home city of London that I absolutely love! Go check them out!

:iconvulezvrk: "Untitled" by Vuk Adzic Wijkmark

PM: I love this photo! All about exposing mundane, every day moments in a compelling way... :)

:icondrivingyou: "Meier's White Franchise" by Antonio Navarro Wijkmark

PM: Geometrically beautiful and very pleasing to the eye! Very original and successful shot!

:iconnoahsamuelmosko: "Hungry Eyes" by Noah Mosko

PM: Sometimes, I see street photos that make me want to meet the author; I just feel like we would hit it off and be good friends. This is one of them: Clever, powerful, and FUN! Great shot, fantastic photographer!!!!

:iconniklin1: "Big City Stress" by Niklas Lindskog

PM: Niklas has a deep soul and broad photographic stroke. This image was selected because it captures one aspect of street photography: spontaneity of every-day moments. Just brilliant, both characters caught hurrying getting wherever they are going... Only in NYC!!!

:iconplanetzog: "Saturday Night Soul" by Athol Rheeder

PM: What about the purity and simplicity of human emotion? Well, this image pretty much captures both. Amazing happiness and so many emotions captured in the simplest forms: Bravo!!!

:iconjacac: "Postcard from Malta 02" by José Calheiros

PM: José is a well accomplished architectural photographer (he loves geometry and perspective) but is as easily comfortable migrating these skills to street photography: Take this image as an example! Strong forward motion accentuated by the line in the pavement. Who is going to win??

:iconxbastex: "Hands and Heads" by Sebastian Bastex

PM: Very effective use of strong contrast. The mysterious hand makes this photo a definite keeper!

:iconnunofigueira: "00084" by Nuno Figueira

PM: A beautiful love story between humans and animals! Such amazing dynamics!

:iconsagi-k: "Street Photography Color 133" by Sagi Kortler

PM: Sagi is an accomplished street photographer. His ability to capture the mood of his subjects is legendary. Here is a beautiful example!

:iconifedorovskaya: "Childhood" by Iryna Fedorovskaya

PM: I had the chance to meet the wonderful Iryna personally and was able to chat about her photographic approach. Her approach couldn't be any more different than mine which clearly demonstrates that there are many approaches to street photography! That said, I can't help but feel like this is one of her most spontaneous and successful images. Iryna?  :)

:iconsandas04: "Very Old Meets Very Small" by Nils-Erik Larson

PM: Simply emotionally overwhelming. Beautiful, what a capture!!!

:iconmarx77: "Urban Cats 40" by Khuram Lawrence

PM: Khuram our "envoyé special" in Dubai... Well, not really, he just happens to live there, but as a photographer, I can guarantee you that he could capture breathtaking images anywhere on this planet! In addition to capturing beautiful and often revealing street images in Dubai, Khuram has a whole series of photography about urban cats. This is by far my favorite!

:iconbatsceba: "But a Shadow in the Night" by Batsceba Hardy

PM: Our very own Bat has really been working on her street photography, and it shows! This very latest is indeed one of her best (in my opinion)! What an amazing catch!

:iconarslanalp: "Linked" by Alphan Yilmazmaden

PM: Alphan and his city are on my bucket list. Istanbul is an amazing city and Alphan an amazing photographer! Take a retired naval engineer turned photographer with a huge heart, and what you get are absolutely amazing images!

:iconfelixlu: "Untitled" by Felix Lupa

PM: Lupa needs no introduction when it comes to street photography. A true a master of the craft! I selected this image because it is emotionally so ambiguous. The viewer is left wondering whether the two characters are laughing or crying in unison...  

:iconmariomencacci: "Rearview Mirrors" by Mario Mencacci

PM: Mario is an Italian street photographer with a sophisticated taste for harmonious backgrounds in which he captures his street characters. His approach seems to always be well thought out and most importantly so successful! Mario is one of the very best!  

:iconmyraincheck: "Octopus" by Mary Cimetta

PM: Mary (another wonderful Italian photographer) is the smartest street photographer I know. She has a sophisticated eye and catches some of the most mundane moments in a creative, artistic and beautiful way. Her no frills approach to street photography has produced several classics; here is just one of them!!!

:iconvermontster: "Never Too Old" by Mark Guider

PM: Mark's play with point of view here is so successful! Mark has recently relocated to northern New Mexico and it has been a true delight to discover that part of the country and its people through Mark's eyes!

:iconburningmonk: "Woman" by Lukasz Kazimierz

PM: As I've said before, I tend to recognize Lukasz's images by his distinct color palette or chromatic signature. I don't know how he achieves it exactly but he sure has it down! Anyway, in addition to his colors, Lukasz has a keen ability to capture every day moments in a beautiful and compelling way!

:iconpavboq: """ by Pav Boq

PM: Pav is a clever photographer. He captures strong perspectives as backdrops and seems to always manage to find an eye-catching  subject to complete his images. This guy has talent!

:iconziaulkareem: """ by Ziaul Kareem

PM: Ziaul is gentle in his photographic approach yet the results are nothing short of inspiring and emotionally moving!  This particular image is so touching and conveys both a bit of sadness but perhaps more importantly hope and a sense of compassion (my personal interpretation, of course).

:iconsevron: """ by Shlomy Evron

PM: I don't even know where Shlomy finds his characters! Seriously, go check out his gallery and you will know what I mean. A well accomplished and mature street photographer for sure.



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V I S I T O R by MARX77
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Lazy Friday by MARX77
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Well, here you go again, you did it! Vision: I'm not sure how you captured that one! I don't know if you saw his hands pocking up from ...

Ensam by Richard-Cederfjard

Good contrast and the wide angle renders well here. I like how the structure from the sky echoes with the structure from the sand. Nice...


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